Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Somebody Has To Be The Bubble Boy

WSOP Satellite Freeroll +£10 rebuys at the Gutshot. After an amazing spot of luck earlier on hitting the case 8 in the deck to suck out on the river Karma comes to get me.

Playing hand for hand 2 tables of 6 with only 11 seats I find AK in the SB. I have enough chips for maybe 3 more revolutions so I move all in fully expecting the BB (who just took the last pot UTG with AA) to pass all but the biggest of hands.

Instead he starts telling me that I am a sick puppy who has pushed him off too many pots and outdrawn him too many times. Before calling with J9.

And he called me the sick one.

I am already up and away from the table as he hits a 9 on the flop, a J on the turn and another 9 on the river to send me home empty handed.

Given the bad online run this is really making me sick.

Profit = -£10
Running Total = +£985