Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Nifty

Gutshot £50+5 Thursday 23rd Nov 2006

Didn't ever get out of the blocks in this one. Had the biggest LAG I have ever seen on my left. Very first hand he has the BB (25/50) there is a raise from early position to 225 and he re-raises to 750.

I cant remember the details of the hand but what I do remember is at the showdown where he turned over KJ off suit! He continued in this vain raising and re-raising with any two and miraculously building a stack. Mainly due to him once having QQ and obviously nobody gave him credit for it.

With that much action on the table I should have just sat and waited for a big pair to lump it in with but decided to play my AK of hearts and AQ of spades only to get pushed of the pot after the flop when I missed. After that it was rapidly short stack poker.

The biggest mistake of the night was when I had TT in the big blind. I am not so short stacked yet but I could do with chips.

The maniac folds and there is a limp from second position. 4th to act goes all in for about 1/3 of my stack and its passed to me. I read the limper for having a hand as he has hardly played much all night. I make what I think at that second to be a disciplined fold.

The limper calls the bet and turns over A4 suited! Then to add insult to injury the all in player turns over 66! A ten on the flop makes me feel sick as..

That was the only pair I would see and with no room to move in it gets to me UTG with 1100 chips and blinds of 150/300. I look down at 85 of clubs and take a second to consider. If I pass this I will be all in next hand no matter what and no doubt with callers. If I move in here I will get callers too but the BB wont be mine so there is more money in the pot for me.

I decide to push and get a rub down from Ade who tells me that "its OK to bluff but don't think about it because it makes you look weak"

ffs. bluffing doesnt come into it, I fully expect a caller and was just hoping my cards were live. Ade is going on about how I "need to take it out of my game" while a guy across the table is calling. Then says "I would have called you with this" and shows J6 off.

Great! I want you to call me with that. If you call me with that I have a decent chance to double up! Fucking arrogant cunt that he is.

Anyway the caller has Q9 and I don't improve.

To be fair though Ade is right in some way. If I have just insta pushed I might have stolen the blinds, but that was not really on my agenda there. I needed to double up or go home, and go home it was.

Profit -£55
Running Total = £1375