Saturday, November 11, 2006

Running Cold

Man, 14 games in a row and not a single cash. I have had worse runs for sure but this one feels the worst because I am not actually playing that badly (well except for when I got titled last weekend and made a couple of idiotic moves).

It feels worse because work is so hectic at the moment that I only get time to play at the weekend and when I play I am supposed to be having a good time, a "weekend" time. So this means that when I got suckout after suckout last weekend and this one hasn't started any better... well.

bloody hell. They draw runner runner flush. I have Queens they have Kings. I have AQ they have AK, I have Kings they get an Ace on the river after calling a raggy board with A high!

Now I cant play any more today as I am going out tonight. Still there is always Sunday.