Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A poor decision?

WillHill £20 game. 19 left 10 get paid. Avg stack is 7.1k. Blinds are 50/200/400.
I have 9622 in chips.

UTG limps. I have AK second to act and make it 1600.
Folds round to UTG who pushes for 10k.

Now this move screams AA/KK doesn't it? But (and I am blaming you for this Rod!) I know that there are people out there who do it with various holdings and I know that I do it with AK AQ and other pairs too.

I was ready to fold it as I would be left with 8K which is above average and not in any big trouble given the blinds. Then at the last second of the timer I had a tourettes moment and called.

Yes, it was aces, and no I didn't suck out.

Feel so stupid.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday morning cure

I was going to write a thing about the depressing nature of variance when it stacks against you in a statistically improbable fashion... but that was going to be way to much like a bad beat whine and I am trying to avoid those.

So instead have this.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Gilbert and Sullivan - Baby Got Back

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Soft Games = Big Wins || Bad Beat City

On the button I raise one limper to 3xbb (300) with K7.
The SB goes all in for 387 and then the limper goes all in for 590.

I have to call, embarrassed to show my cards but hey ho.

Up against A9 in the SB and Q9 for the limper, I take it down on a board of 4568J. sweet.

Exactly one round of nothing later I have the button and AA. One limper in early position. I raise to 300 wondering if they will remember my last raise with K7 in the same spot and get called by both the BB and the limper.

The pot comes down 449 checked to me and I stick 700 into the 1000 pot.

The BB passes and the limper min re-raises.
Now a min re-raise online is not as scary as it is live as it often just denotes a lazy inability to do anything but click the pre-set bet buttons.

I push thinking a bare 4 could never be in the hand of an early position limper that called a raise and a call out of position...

Of course he turns over 74 off to take me out of the game.

Kenny Rogers and The Muppets