Sunday, November 26, 2006

Look Both Ways

Gutshot £100+10 freeze out, Sat 25th Nov.

Another game where table position and poor cards combined to reduce playable opportunities. The eventual winner "Roni" was on my left and came back over the top of two of my position raises and called two others. Once he led out on the flop and the second time he check raised me all in. All four times I had no hand and no draw and was only playing position. I can only assume he had a hella read on me, although he claimed later he had "a hand every time". Yeah right.

I had 5 pocket pairs in the entire game. Eights that made a set on an Ace high all clubs board. I had raised from late position pre flop and got a call from the big blind. With 500 in the pot I put in 500 to make the draw prohibitively expensive and took it down.

Twos got let in cheap in the big blind and flopped bottom (could hardly be top now could it?) set. Checked to see if anyone fancied it and a slightly tilting Miriam pushed in from the button with top pair. She had just taken a couple of beats and was down to 1200 chips with blinds at 100/200. There was something like 800 or 1000 in the pot already and it was an easy call.

Jacks I pushed all in after a limp and a raise. A slightly dangerous move but by then I was getting short and they were the best hand I had seen all night. Got no callers and took it down.

Twos passed to a limp and a raise.

Tens in middle position with the blinds at 350/700 I have 5000 in chips. Second to act moves all in for 4600 and I need to have a think. I was planning to push with these tens until he did that and now they didn't feel so good. I was reminded of the tens I laid down on Thursday that were way ahead of the all in I faced but didn't want that to colour my decision. I had a look at him and decided he was a bit uncomfortable under my scrutiny so I made the call.

Unfortunately I hadn't looked behind me or I may have noticed Marina silently screaming for me to make the call. She was also short stacked at around 3000 and called very quickly. It was QK for the first push (good read I thought) versus my tens versus Marina's kings. I didn't get the miracle suckout.

Profit -£110
Total = £1225