Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well I wanted a night of blow off steam aggressive play in the crapshoot and thats what I got.

Went on a rush - of rubbish cards and lucky flops - in the last 3 hands of the rebuy period to get me a stack £20 short of my £50 budget. Picked up some big pots then found no big hands and no opportunities to steal due to other raises in front or pot committed short stack blinds.

Finally a drinking Barry "the bully" Martin (gutshot co owner) joined the table and sat out 4 hands smoking - and he doesnt smoke so that shows how much he was drinking - before raising 3*BB UTG.

Now they dont call him "The Bully" for nothing, so when I found JJ in mid position I had to believe it to be good. I move all in, he calls and its JJ versus QQ!

I swear he only ever has a hand when you call him.

Anyway I went and found Rod at the cash tables and there was an open seat at his £25->£50 game. Rod had spun up to around £100 from his £30 sit down and seemed to be happy with the table.

I have not been running too hot on the Gutshot cash tables for a while and I generally sit down after a tourney on tilt already and just blow more money. But the night was young and I wasn't actually feeling upset about my tourney exit so I pulled up the maximum £50 and took a seat opposite Rod.

My game plan was to nut peddle and not get too clever at all but that went out of the window once I realised what a fish-pond I had jumped into.

To my left were 3 French city banker types who were all sitting on around £150 on my right was a Gutshot dealer on around £80 and on his right a super loose aggressive guy who just couldn't seem to hit anything.

The French guys were drinking, talking, generally having a laugh... Oh and calling just about everything. The table in general was really passive pre-flop with just about every flop being seen for the minimum £1. With that kind of table I had to widen my starting range somewhat to take advantage.

Soon me and Rod were running over the table and after an hour I was £120 up. The French guys were losing their stacks and their va va voom and the table was getting short handed.

A memorable hand saw me call a pre-flop pot raise with 59s in position behind one of the French. I put him on a big Ace or a pair but figured I could out play him on the flop.

I flopped the flush draw, he checked I bet he called. Turn gave me the flush he checked, I checked. River was a blank he checked, I bet £30 into the £50 pot and he called showing pocket Jacks followed by a stream of French swearing.

By the time the table broke I found myself £120 up on the night once I had deducted the tournament buy in. Not bad for a Friday night out.

profit = +£120
GS Total = +£1105


Big Andy said...

Nice little blog this. I'll have to keep an eye on it - does it hook up to Messenger so I get a little notification when it's updated?

Take it easy and keep playing bro!