Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Bingo

Gutshot Friday £10 re-buy bingo 24th November.

Back to the bingo.

Great start, tripled up on my first hand when I limped with QT clubs from late position then called a raise from the BB as did the button.

Flop comes T85 the BB checks, I chuck all in for the last 300, they both call.

BB shows KQ, button shows 9T. Neither improve, ship it!

From there it was all downhill. My draws missed my pairs hit 2 pair and my AK missed or I got no callers when it did.

At the last 4 hands I had 800 chips and went all in blind 4 times doubled once but mostly no callers. I went to the break with 1725.

From there on it was short stack poker all the way. From the break onwards I didn't make a bet that wasn't all in. Remarkably I made it down to the last 15.

In that time of all in moves I didn't see a pair once, I didn't see an Ace bigger than AT and I still managed to double up a couple of times.

It had to come to an end eventually and I was hoping for a big hand that nobody would give me credit for. As it was with blinds of 800/1600 and 4700 in chips I pushed with 78 of spades second to act at a 6 handed table.

The short blind stated that "I think you are at it" - of course I am fucking at it I have an M of 2! - before calling with A7 of hearts.

There was one moment in the game I was proud of. I had been all in a couple of times already that revolution from the Button and the Cut Off (K5 spades and 76 diamonds) I had doubled up with the K5 and took the blinds with the 76 to give me 5500 in chips. The blinds were 500/1000 and I was now in the big blind.

The small blind has moved in on me from this position before and cheekily showed his 42 off suit. He is fiddling with chips and looking like he is going to push again when I interrupt him and say "It was four two last time what is it now?" He stops and looks a bit sheepish, pauses and throws in 500 chips.

I move in quickly and he mutters "you had king five last time" before passing.

I honestly think that If I had said nothing to him and not interrupted his train of though he would have pushed and I would have had to fold my 83 off suit.

Profit -£40
Running Total £1335