Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Beginner's Night

Ah the Tuesday £5 re-buy. I have a soft spot for it seeing as it's where I started. Frankly I was only playing because I wanted the Team Gutshot chips but I managed to turn a profit.

Nothing too much to report, a fairly straight forward solid game. No major steals. No major bluffs. No really big hands, well except for kings that had 3 all ins to them and held up. And no really big suckouts.

Basically I won races where it mattered and ended up heads up with a 2:1 disadvantage. Luckily my opponent was not very experienced and I quickly got up to even chips. At one point I got him to lay down pocket queens on a K high board after he just called my 2.5*BB raise pre flop and checked it to the turn that showed a Jack. I had something like 9T, don't actually remember as it was after the game that he told me he passed the queens.

At this point it was 2am and although I was in control there was very little play in it with each of us having 80k in chips with blinds of 5k/10k and 4 minutes left at this level. I could see that this could really go either way regardless of skill. Add to this I really needed to get home to sleep so I proposed the chop and agreed to cut cards to see who ranked as first. His J beat my 6.

Profit +£325
Running Total = +£1420