Friday, June 08, 2007

A good move played poorly

Just wanted to remind myself that often the subtleties of the play make all the difference.

In the Gutshot Wednesday £75 game I have been up and down to again 3.5k when I decided to take on a frequent aggressor from the small blind with a good trapping hand.

Blinds at 75/150
Villain raised to 2.5 BB from UTG (a regular bet and often from early position).
Folded to me in the SB with 86. I call because I have enough chips to see the flop and if I get a piece of this my hand is probably good and well disguised.
BB calls also and the flop comes... 578.

Im liking my top pair and straight draw here and decide to check raise as I am sure he will bet out as he has always done so before.

Indeed he bets, but this is where it gets weird, he bets 150. the minimum bet.

That confuses me as I was expecting a half to 3/4 pot sized bet that I could push all in on. (pot being 1200).

now what I did wrong here was make the pot sized raise committing myself straight away.

I should have re-raised to say 500 and let him pop it to 1000/1500 then I could re-re-raise all in.

Note that I am happy to get it in here with what seems to be a solid 14 outs twice if he has an overpair and amade hand against the overcards.

The actual results are not that important but here it is. He dwelled for a while before pushing me in (which I called quickly) with pocket aces. Despite my many outs I missed and was on the cash tables moments later.