Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A poor decision?

WillHill £20 game. 19 left 10 get paid. Avg stack is 7.1k. Blinds are 50/200/400.
I have 9622 in chips.

UTG limps. I have AK second to act and make it 1600.
Folds round to UTG who pushes for 10k.

Now this move screams AA/KK doesn't it? But (and I am blaming you for this Rod!) I know that there are people out there who do it with various holdings and I know that I do it with AK AQ and other pairs too.

I was ready to fold it as I would be left with 8K which is above average and not in any big trouble given the blinds. Then at the last second of the timer I had a tourettes moment and called.

Yes, it was aces, and no I didn't suck out.

Feel so stupid.