Sunday, June 24, 2007

On Top again

Got the result I was waiting for last night. Heads up against Rod in the Gutshot £100. Both of us were in need of a cash so it was sweet.

Heads up took an hour and the dealers were very patient seeing as we could have just chopped it and gone home. In the end we took £1600 each and played on for £300.

Rod got it in the end in a heads up match that could have gone either way. Three times I had him down to nothing and put him all in with a decent HU hand, and three times he woke up with something decent. Mind you he had me on the ropes three times too and I either outdrew him or had the big hand hold up.

So spending the day lazing in front of the TV. The latest series of Doctor Who is amazing, continues to impress and now im going to try and finish off 24 although it hasn't really been grabbing me much this time round.