Monday, June 11, 2007

Falling at the final hurdle (again)

Just found this in my cameraphone. A shot of my chip stack about an hour before the end of play of day one in the last Gutshot main event. Its about 60,000 or six times what I started with.

I lost about a tenth of this thru tired play at the end of the day when I should have just rocked up but still, it put me into day two in 6th place out of 22.

I bubbled. Again. Four major tournaments, four bubbles. This is getting depressing.

Still I know I am doing something right, I get into the final day each time in decent shape and each time it feels like i get unlucky to not make the final table. This last bad beat for those who give a shit was when I put an agressive player all in after he re-raised my pre flop raise. He had K9 and I had AQ. K on the flop and I was crippled. I did manage to double up a couple of times but never got back into the game for real and I was out in 12th with 9 on the final table.

Roll on the GSOP August bank holiday weekend, time to break this trend.