Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nutcracker Grind

This is from a new demo released on marketplace this week, EA's forthcoming game "Skate". As the title of the game suggests... it's a skateboarding game. I have not really ever been into either skating or its digital counterpart. It fascinates me and as an avid snowboarder I have respect for those who dare to throw themselves about on concrete, snow is a lot more forgiving. In fact this little clip shows exactly why I don't skate.

Nutcracker grind movie test

As unremarkable as that clip is it does however make me think this game is going to be crazy popular. The game has a replay editor that allows you to chop, edit and add effects to replays of you in-game and then post them up to the intertubes on EA's website. There you can tag, add comments and link to friends uploaded content. Already from the demo there are thousands of posts and people showing off some pretty sick moves. I really think this will set a precedent for sharing in-game user generated content. Now back to the park to put in some practice.