Sunday, March 01, 2009

A thousand things well

I've been kicking a bass line around for a couple of weeks with various kicks, hats, glitches and samples on top. It felt like it wanted to be minimal, perhaps glitchy but neither of those is really in my bag of tricks. With that in mind I set out to finish off the track today and promptly ran out of disk space on my macbook (I suppose trying to install the full 40G Ableton library was never going to work out).

Anyway 2 cycle journeys, 1 new hard disk, a large cappuccino, half a bottle of red a spliff and 14 hours later I have this:

download mp3

I suppose it's about as minimal as I am likely to get given my trance tendencies and again all the progression transitions, filters and effects are tweaked live so don't go expecting timing perfection. It also needs serious attention in the mix (soundsticks+sub woofer sound great but do not a reference monitor set make). If only I knew someone with a decent mixing setup, reference monitors and time on their hands who could help me out with a mix. (cough, Kirk, cough)

Oh, and yes I am using that Facebook fake album cover meme as a way of naming these tracks. Random quote generator FTW!


Jodie said...

Nice, man. Gief moar plx!

Kirk said...

Time on my hands, I wish! I like the tune, especially the hypnotic sound of the one-note loop that goes throughout.