Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Genius of Chris Ware

I just picked up from the post office my copy of The Acme Novelty Library #19. I had pre-ordered it on Amazon an age ago and completely forgot about it so was very happy to see it ship on Friday. Pity it then took me another 5 days to get it into my hands but it was worth it. The back cover is a joy.
Unfortunately I don't have the book to hand so can't put a transcript of it here. Basically its a political riff about convenient south american subjugation.

Admittedly it could be considered another retelling of the Jimmy Corrigan tale - How an awkward child grew out of a dysfunctional family into an even more awkward adult - but seeing as the telling is so very very good I can forgive. The first part of the book "The seeing eye dogs of Mars" is fantastic. It's apparently a short story written by Rusty Brown about the failed relationship of a colonist sent to seed Mars with human life. I have only started reading it (greedily) after ripping open the package but have shown discipline and put it down until Saturday morning when I will lie in bed drinking coffee and eating fresh fruit bread and enjoy it in full.


Kirk said...

OMG that looks awesome; I must get a copy. Looks more different(?) than his recent stuff, and more exciting than Acme Novelty Library 18 1/2 (of which you still have my copy by the way!).