Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On a promise

Scouting around to figure out where best to try my luck on Friday so that I can be part of the iPhone 3G hype. Having got the standard "no pre-orders, first come first served, doors open at 7:30" line from all of the O2 shops I tried I happened into the Carphone Warehouse.

I went in to check if because I got my original phone and contract from them (well over 10 years ago now) did I have to get my iPhone upgrade from there? In there I found out that although the O2 shop over the road was opening at 7:30 they would only be selling iPhones to new customers, not upgrades! Seeing as I was planning on getting into town an hour early to give it a shot in the queue I was not best pleased with that news.

All was not lost however as after a few minutes conversation the guy there confided that he was keeping an unofficial pre-order list and that he would give me a call on Thursday to confirm that he had one for me. Sweet! So now all I have to worry about is his black market iPhone pre-order scheme getting busted by the Carphone Warehouse bosses. That and the inevitable shortage of stock on the day.