Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Freya's New Trick

So this morning as usual Freya is clamouring to grab my iPhone so she can do her usual turning it over and over in her hands, sucking on the corner and looking at the home screen when she manages to press the button to make it light up. Not taking too much notice I carry on getting ready but when I turn back to her I see that she has unlocked the phone and launched an app. Must have fluked the slider I assume, so I grab the phone, lock it and give it back to her. As soon as she got it back she determinedly starts jabbing at the slider until she gets it to slide across. Cue big cute baby smile.

Within ten minutes she could do it first try on both the iPad and the iPhone, another ten minutes after filming this and she had worked out pressing the home button on purpose to show the slider and then unlock.  Looks like I will have to put a pin lock on all my devices now.


Ashley Pomeroy said...

By the time she's five she'll be hacking into the Pentagon - and you'll be infamous! And so will she.