Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Max4Live device control

A little gift from my Live 8 studio control template. Control the parameters of the currently selected device on a track in Ableton Live 8.
A Lemur module and max device. with eight knobs and labels that synchronises to the selected device without the need for MIDI mapping. It is designed to work on device racks so will have strange behaviour if pointed at a device preset that is not contained in a rack with macros.

The patch relies on the CNMAT OSC Max objects. You need to get the "Everything for Mac" or "Everything for Windows" pack from here: and install that somewhere in your Max path.
  1. Download from the JazzMutant user area.
  2. Unpack and copy the "Live Device" subfolder to your Live library (I suggest under Max Audio Effect)
  3. Add the "Live Device Control" to your master track.
  4. Fill in the IP address and port for your Lemur's OSC setup.
  5. Load the module onto your Lemur.
  6. Select a device on any track and hit the green 'sync' button on the Lemur module.
  7. Play with the knobs!
The interface will follow as you select different devices on the same track but will need synchronising again if you move to a different track (although it will continue to control the last selected device).


Alvaro Pani said...

Outstanding idea!
Can't wait to try it out.
Big Thanks