Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hexagon Square Sun

I have mentioned the coolness that is the harmonic table layout and devices that use them before. Being a bit fascinated by the layout and also in possession of a programmable touch screen control surface I set out this morning to try and build myself one.

After a bit of messing and a substitute of squares for hexagons I had myself a harmonic table on the lemur. Add a couple of sliders for velocity and note length, a global hold and it was done.

The results are most pleasing. I find the layout to be much easier to play than a standard piano keyboard with scale and chord patterns much simpler to see. I have never really been any good on a keyboard but after a few hours of learning some chord and scale shapes it's very easy to plonk away on.

Here is a totally live recording, no sequencers or arpeggiators just a single synth voice and my new UI.