Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Open Source music part 2 - A tale of two mixes.

Some time ago I bemoaned how solo production lacked the creative frisson of having a band-mate to bounce ideas off and to tell you that the synth line you just spent 3 hours fiddling with is actually crap.

So last night I finally resurrected one of my old (like 15 years!) arpeggios - the tale of how I completely forgot how it went even though I have heard it in my head for years is another post entirely - and because he was online fired it over to a work colleague who just happens to be a talented (and published) producer as well as a PHP developer.

The completely raw arp+variation+4x4 sounded like this.

download mp3

While I continued down my comfortable rabbit hole of layered bleeps and freq/res tweaks fed into long tail delays Ryan got all Euro on my ass. He popped the BPM up a couple of notches, added a nice - if aggressive - pad/lead thing, a second melody and a bassline change.

Rick's morning trance noodler...

download mp3

Ryan's Euro mankini...

download mp3

I think this could be a winner. Think the 36 minute ambient version of "Kincajou" versus the bass and lead heavy upbeat live version. Or perhaps the 3 different mixes of "Song for Life" mixed back to back by Sasha at the start of the very first Renaissance mix.

Oh and I have 5 days off work from tomorrow to noodle and I have received news that my Lemur is shipping this week too. Happy days!