Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Slang Word For Chavs.

It's the Daily Mail providing insightful and balanced coverage of video games once again. Scrabble is my latest gaming obsession so I think I'll be grabbing this.

A Lincon mother got Scrabble in a 2for1 deal at Asda and was "horrified" when the game laid down "crude slang words and abuse". It started out with the fuzzy area (as anyone who has worked on a swear filter for a government project will tell you) of "Tits" - Garden bird or Jubblies?

To add injury to insult (see what I did there) the AI that dished out the potty mouth plays kicked the mother's arse with a triple word score "Fuckers" which according to the game's built in dictionary is "a slang word for chavs"

Then Alex S. from London weighs in with a comment that gets right to the heart of the matter:

It is disgrace. This country is based on Christian principles and through these principles this country became prosperous. Why this country started hating itself? Who these modern politicians want to please by fighting Christianity? What is the ultimate aim of multiculturalism? We've had enough of this "modern" liberal nonsense.
You tell 'em Alex, you tell 'em!

Mother's fury over Nintendo Scrabble game that taught her son swear words