Friday, August 29, 2008

The Final Countdown.

Sitting at the ultimate redneck village fête but Mallorcan style I
find myself contemplating the lyrics to "The Final Countdown". Let's
see if I've got this straight... For some reason humanity needs to
leave Earth. I'm guessing this is due to some kind of major disastor
such as massive global warming or solar supernova. So where do we go
in the face of impending doom? Venus (maybe they've seen us) which
kind of rules out the supernova theory and seeing as Venus is a living
study in the greenhouse effect it would seem a bit daft to go there if
your world had become too hot. With this incredible lack of solar
system awareness in mind also note that humanity (represented by the
poodle do'd Germans here) expects that we have "so many light years to
go". I'm not quite sure which route they are taking but last I checked
Venus could be reached in well under ten light minutes.

Moral of the story... Don't trust the interstellar fate of human kind
to the Germans.