Thursday, February 07, 2008

Public transport

What a crappy day for public transport. It took an hour to get from Oxford Circus to Paddington. First the Bakerloo line got suspended. Then back to the Central line where a signal failure at Marble Arch had me stuck in a tunnel. Finally to Notting Hill Gate and onto the District line. Stuck at Bayswater, a "defective train ahead". That will teach me to try and get through London quicker than on the Hammersmith and Shitty line which today seemed to be the only one that didn't fail.

As I sat down on the 8:45 from Paddington (that left at 9:05) I read that the government was having to bail out Metronet from it's debts after the privatisation of the underground has failed in spectacular fashion. Ken must really be wanting to say "told you so".

On the way home we sat outside Paddington alongside Westbourn Grove as a "minor technical fault" brought our train to a standstill. Thank fuck for my iPod, I managed to watch 2 whole episodes of Life on Mars on my commute today.