Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tired, but smiling

Had a long deserved fantastic session at cash last night. After what seems like forever suffering the runner,runner bad beats and idiot calls to instant service 2 outer rivers I cleaned up.

Things didn't start too good in the tournament, a dearth of cards and positions (I made what I could of stealing where possible but it simply wasn't enough to keep me alive) followed by losing 2 races to go out. Went down to play cash with a resolution not to be tilty, not to be over loose and to not just play my cards. Was doing OK up and down sitting at around £70 and just moved off the self dealt to a dealer table when the self dealt decided to go to "a round of each". Each in this case being Hold-em then Omaha.

Hold-em bores the hell out of me in long cash sessions (but its mostly all that is available at non e nose bleed levels) so I was straight back over there. Added to that is the fact that most of the players really don't get Omaha, I thought it was going to be a high value game. I wasn't wrong.

We had the perfect table, players who claimed to be hold-em players - one claimed 15 years of experience - who declared Omaha as "a girls game", "total bollocks", "a fish game". It didn't stop them doing their absolute bollocks at it though, and lets be clear, they sucked at hold-em too.

So many good pots that they got into with shit like top pair, one card flushes, a straight on a paired and flushed board. One hand that unfortunately didn't get all the value it deserved saw the nut flush go up against flopped quads and the nut full house, four handed! It's a real pity that the guy who would have ended up with the nut full house got out of it on the turn because it was me that flopped quads :D

Ah happy days and £250 to the good on the game.